How to Become a Regular Exerciser

Do you envy the people who enjoy working out and seem to have no problem motivating themselves to hit the gym daily? You can become one of them. By following these tips, you can let go of your laziness and become a dedicated fitness fanatic. The secret lies in developing good habits and maintaining your motivation even when you're feeling tired.

  1. When possible, exercise in the morning. This gives you less time to formulate excuses to not exercise. Once your body adapts to getting up an hour earlier, it won't be nearly as challenging as you think. Set your alarm clock across the room if you think you'll be tempted to snooze away the morning. 
  1. Set exercise goals, and post them somewhere that you'll see them often throughout the day. Set short-term goals that may take a month or two to achieve as well as longer term goals for the year.
  1. Make sure your goals are realistic. If you have never run more than a mile, for example, running a marathon in 3 months is not a realistic goal. By setting smaller goals such as running a 5k in 3 months and a half-marathon in 6 months, you can work towards this larger goal without risking injury or self-doubt. 
  1. Give yourself a reward for sticking with your routine. A great idea is to stick a bean in a jar every time you workout. When the jar is full, reward yourself with a per-determined gift such as dinner at a new restaurant in town or a new pair of workout sneakers.
  1. Never let "I'm tired" be your reason for not working out. If you exercise just one or two times when you're feeling really tired, you'll realize that it actually boosts your energy levels. Get in the habit of deliberately heading out the door to exercise when you are tired, rather than avoiding it.
  1. Purchase a couple of workout outfits that make you feel attractive and self-confident. You'll be more likely to work out because you want to show them off.
  1. Vary your exercise routine to keep it interesting, but avoid allowing yourself so much flexibility that you end up slacking off. Plan your workouts at the beginning of every week. Knowing that you have a fun hike coming up on Thursday can make Monday's weight session more bearable. 
  1. On days when your motivation is low, rely on this little tip to get you out the door. Promise yourself that if you still don't feel like exercising five minutes into the workout, you can turn around and go home. Nine times out of ten, you'll be motivated to continue once you start.

Regular physical activity is important for health and weight loss. Once you begin exercising regularly, you'll notice your energy levels improve, your mood become elevated, and your body become toned. For best results, aim to exercise 5 days per week, integrating both strength training and aerobic exercise into your routine. You'll be surprised how quickly you fall in love with your new fitness habit.