5 Reasons You Keep Falling Off The (Workout) Wagon And How To Fix It

Fallen off the (fitness) wagon so soon?

What happened? You were so determined to make this year the year you got into tip-top shape.

Is it a lack of will power? Poor character? Low intelligence?


You just stepped into one the many bumps hidden along the path to health, fitness, and a rocking hard abs. Fortunately, bumps aren't traps—you can easily free yourself and get back on track toward achieving your goals ... and be that much smarter for doing it.

These are the six most common snares and how to sidestep them, like a seasoned (but jacked) woodsman.

Reason #1: "You Don't Have Time"

How to fix it: Schedule your workout time! Set a specific time several days a week and stick to it. Write it down, view it as a commitment, and make sure your other tasks/demands are schedules AROUND your workout time.

Reason #2: "You Don't See Results Quickly"

How to fix it: Stop being hasty! But it's not all your fault. With so many programs out there boasting results in as little as 7 days, how can you not feel like you haven't failed? It takes at least 4-8 weeks to see REAL changes. Be consistent and break down your goals into smaller tasks. Stay the course and changes will come!

Reason #3: You Don't Get Enough Done"

How to fix it: You may find yourself spending 2 to 3 hours at the gym but that doesn't mean you have used your time effectively. Write down what workout you want to accomplish BEFORE getting to the gym, then stick to it. The goal is to maximize your time with effective workouts.

Reason #4: "You Are Doing Doing Too Much Too Soon"

How to fix it: All or Nothing. Sound familiar? If you are going hard (hours of cardio, lifting too much) you can easily injure yourself. Always start out slow and build up your workouts. If you want to run then make sure you warm up properly (stretching and 5 minute walk) before starting and build up your running distance. If you are lifting, start with weights that you can lift for 10-12 reps per set. Don't go heavy too soon or you will be prone to injury.

Reason #5: "You Know Too Much"

How to fix it: Analysis paralysis is real and affects the health world now more than ever. "Try this diet", "cut the carbs" , "high protein is best", "whole food diet is optimal" and the list goes one. When you read or know too much, you can get confused and forfeit your entire workout/health plan. The best advice is to pick ONE plane and stay the course. There are many ways to reach your health goals but the important thing is only sticking to one track and pushing through. 

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