5 Home Gym Advantages

You've heard of a home field advantage; now consider the home gym advantage. When you work out at your home gym you can do things your way, save money, and enjoy the convenience and comfort of remaining in your own residence. Leave the crowds and the awkward locker rooms at the commercial facilities and embrace these five big home gym benefits. 

  1. Do What You Want When You Want

Commercial gyms have lines, rules, and other people. The downside of using a public facility is that you have to follow policies you may not like and wait to use machines and workout stations. These nuisances are annoying and interrupt your workout flow.

Fortunately there aren't as many bothersome people or obstructive policies at home. Slam the weights, take a nap on the bench press, take your shirt off (or don't) and play the music as loud as you want. It's your house so you can play by your rules.

  1. No Membership Fees

Commercial gyms are notorious for inflated membership fees, hard-selling salespeople, and complicated contracts that are almost impossible to cancel. Setting up a home gym may require more of an upfront investment; but most equipment is built to last and you can buy it, use it, and sell it anytime you want.

If you pay $100 a month over 5 years to use a public gym you're spending $6000! For half of that amount you can get some great weights, benches, racks, and cardio equipment that can easily last over a decade. Do the math, save your money, and invest in a one-person membership at your own home gym.

  1. Only Pay For What You Use

Commercial gyms are pricey because you're forced to pay for equipment you're not using. Additionally, the gym might not always have the exact equipment that you prefer. At a public gym you're forced to pay for what you don't need while not always getting what you want.

Fitness equipment is surprisingly affordable compared to gym memberships. If you purchase only the things you need you'll save a fortune compared to the hefty price of paying a monthly membership fee. You'll also have the freedom to pick out and purchase exactly what you like. Trim the fat in your budget and your waist and only pay for what you really need by setting up a gym at home. 

  1. Privacy and Comfort

Public gyms are unfortunately just that - public. You're going to see annoying people while at the same time worrying about annoying others. Sweaty people will see you sweating and you're going to hear to other people's grunts while at the same time limiting your own in a vain effort to be polite.

Exercising is hard enough: who needs the added aggravation of trying to meet society's expectations of what is and is not considered acceptable behavior? At your home gym you can dress how you want, grunt how you want, and no one is there to irritate or judge you. Using free weights should make you feel free and losing weight should not make you lose your mind. A home gym provides the perfect sanctuary where you can work out in the pristine comfort and privacy of your own domicile.

  1. No Commuting or Packing

You drive to work, you drive to the store, you drive to the gym, and then you drive home. There are enough tedious activities that suck the time and energy out of your day: going to and from the gym should not be one of them.

A home gym allows you to work out whenever you want without having to spend time driving your car or packing your bag. You can roll off the couch as sloppy as you please, work out, shower, eat, and go back to watching TV in half the time it would take you to drag yourself outside and into some big box facility. Save your time and gas by exercising at your home gym instead.

A home gym will not only improve your physical fitness, but also your mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing. Save your money and spare yourself the stress. Work out in your own abode and enjoy the perks and privileges of these five home gym advantages.